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Winter Weather Reminders

When winter weather strikes, we jump into action to shovel and salt our walkways, clean off our vehicles, and remove snow from roofs and decks, but we often forget to ensure our security equipment is not being impacted. Here are some great tips to keep your system running in the cold winter weather:

  • When removing snow from the exterior of your home or business, remember to clean off exterior devices such as cameras or sirens. The weight of snow accumulation could cause these devices to come loose from their mounting.
  • Be cautious when entering an unheated area from a heated area. The quick temperature change could cause heat detectors to activate.
  • If your system needs to be serviced, make sure you have a space for the technician to park their vehicle and also have all entryways cleared of snow and ice.
  • Be aware that doors on access control systems that normally unlock for a time schedule may still unlock if you don’t make it to the building due to inclement weather. Also, if you leave early for the day, the doors may lock at the normal time. If you are unfamiliar with your system’s rules and how to overcome this issue, give our Customer Care Team a call at (877) 877-0345, option 3.
  • Ensure heated areas with wet sprinkler systems remain heated to avoid frozen sprinkler pipes.
  • Ensure snow and ice are not keeping doors from closing completely.
  • Ensure any temporary heating devices are placed in an area where it won’t set off a motion detector.


-Larry Mullins
Engineering Manager

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