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Winter Weather Driving Safety Tips

We’re crossing our fingers for a mild winter, but everyone who lives in the northeastern region of the United States knows we can’t rely on that tactic. So the next best thing is to prepare for the inevitable. Once the winter weather does strike, make sure you read these tips before heading out on the road.

Get your vehicle ready. Make sure you have old windshield wipers replaced, tires and battery checked, windshield wiper fluid filled, and all other levels maintained. Making sure your vehicle is ready for the inclement weather can keep you safe in your travels.

Turn on your headlights. When driving in the snow, sleet, or rain, make sure you turn your headlights on. Because the days are a little shorter, it’s also a smart idea to turn headlights on as soon as the sun starts to set.

Keep an emergency kit and a blanket in your vehicle. These items will be very useful in the event that an emergency does occur. Make sure the emergency kit is stocked with items you may need such as a flashlight, flares, jumper cables, first-aid kit, water, vehicle maintenance tools, etc. A blanket will be helpful in keeping you or passengers warm until assistance arrives.

Maintain your distance. Do not tailgate in inclement weather. Your stopping time in snowy or icy conditions becomes a lot slower and you can increase your chances of an accident or losing control of your vehicle.

Take an ice scraper, snow brush, and shovel with you. If the weather channel is calling for heavy amounts of snow, bring these essential tools with you. You will need to be able to clean off your vehicle and dig yourself out if needed.

Remember your cell phone and a charger. In case of an emergency, make sure you have your cell phone with you to call for assistance. It’s also smart to bring a car charger just in case your cell phone dies.

Slow down. This is not a situation where you want to be making record time. Slow down to avoid losing control of your vehicle. Plan your route accordingly and allow for extra time when driving in inclement weather.

Pull over if you need to. If you are feeling uncomfortable driving, pull over. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

When in doubt, don’t go out. If the driving conditions are very poor, don’t risk going out. If you have to work, call your boss to make other arrangements or wait until the roads clear up to go in.

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