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Use Your Landscaping to Help Secure Your Home or Business

Your home or office’s landscaping can do a lot for the outdoor aesthetics of the property, but what is it doing for the security and safety of your house or building? There are several things you can do to make your home or office look great while helping deter burglars in the process.

Install outdoor lighting. You may already have adequate lighting on the front of your home or office building, but what about other entrances? For homeowners, a good porch light or lights to illuminate the pathway to your front door are great, but you may also want to consider installing a light on your back porch, back door, or garage. If you really want to fortify your home and scare aware burglars, motion detector lights are a great option. Business owners, you may want to consider adding lighting at every entrance, in order to keep your business well-lit and give your employees a sense of safety and security.

Limit hiding spots around your property. You can add all the lighting in the world, but if you still have large overgrown bushes, hedges, or trees lining your property, your home or business could still be at risk. The shrubbery not only looks untidy, but it also offers a hiding place for burglars to gain easy access into unlocked windows or other entrances. Keeping your landscaping neatly trimmed will help make your property look great and give burglars a reason to stay away.

Keep your landscaping maintained. Mow the grass, trim the bushes, water the flowers. Whatever you can do to maintain your property will help your home or business look like it’s taken care of on a regular basis and look “lived in”. When your landscaping becomes untamed or looks uncared for, it can appear to burglars that you may be away. If you do have to travel out of town for some period of time, hire landscapers to take care of your property for you.

Tidy up. Every home and business requires routine maintenance to keep the premises looking nice, but if you leave ladders, tools, and other valuable items laying in the yard or around your property, you’re doing more harm than good. Not only does leaving items lay out pose a potential risk to family or employees walking around, but it also leaves the door wide open for someone to take those items or use them to break into your home or business. Once you’ve finished tidying up your landscape, put your tools and supplies in a locked shed, garage, or warehouse.

Use your yard sign and window/door stickers. If you have a security system for your home or business, make sure it is known! Did you know that homes without a security system and sign to indicate the presence of a system are three times more likely to be victims of a home invasion? Proudly display your yard sign and window/door stickers to help deter theft.  If you have an old sign or switched security companies, request a replacement! You can request a new yard sign and stickers by calling our Customer Relations team at 877-877-0345, option 3.

Add outdoor cameras. While this may not be your traditional form of landscaping, it can sure help protect your home or business. There are so many options available to homeowners and business owners, and with new technology, you can view your cameras right from your smartphone! Homeowners can even replace their old doorbell with a new video doorbell. With this new technology, you’ll always know who’s at your front door. If you’re interested in protecting your home or business, give us a call today at 877-877-0345 to talk about the best solutions to fit your needs!


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