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Security Resolutions You Should Make For 2018

December is ending, and you know what that means…resolutions! These decisions are usually made up of what we wish we did the year before. Instead of just thinking of the changes you can make for yourself, what about resolutions for your home or business to make it safe and secure? If you noticed you haven’t […]

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Preventing False Alarms: Commercial Customers

False alarms can be costly, especially for a business. We are committed to helping our commercial customers reduce their false alarms, and the unnecessary strain false alarms can cause emergency officials. Did you know one of the main causes of false alarms is human error? For businesses, this could be employee or vendor error. Simply […]

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Back to School: A Lesson in Home Security

If you’re in the process of purchasing a home security system or you already own one, you may hear different terms thrown around by sales and service professionals. Sure phrases like smart home, home automation, and secure operation center sound cool and tech-y, but what do they all mean? Consider this your go-to-guide for deciphering home […]

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Heat Your Home Safely: Fireplaces

In last week’s blog, I shared tips for using and caring for your wood and pellet stoves safely. In addition to these stoves, many homeowners also use fireplaces during the colder months as a source of heat. Just like wood and pellet stoves, fireplaces can also put a home at risk if not maintained or […]

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Heat Your Home Safely: Wood & Pellet Stoves

How do you heat your home in the colder months? For many homeowners, wood and pellet stoves have become a viable option for heat. With any heat source, it is important to perform routine maintenance and follow safety guidelines to ensure equipment is working properly and the safety of your home is not put at […]

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