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Summer Vacation Safety Tips

July 6th, 2018

Hello, Summer! As you are packing your bags and finishing your to-do list, don’t forget about securing your home. When you are in a rush to get things done, you may forget to thoroughly check if your house is locked and secured. Here are some tips to make sure you properly secure your home and property to have a worry-free vacation.

Vacation Safety Tips:

Neighbor check-in: Find a trusted neighbor or family member who lives on your street to have random check-ins with your home/property. Your neighbors can help by gathering your mail, making sure your appliances are off and to generally check your surroundings. Also for added security, your neighbors can park in your driveway to make it look like someone is home.

Put a timer on your lights: Always set a timer for internal and external lights. Having a set schedule of when lights go on or off will make it appear someone is home. For example, have the patio lights come on in the evening and your living room lights turn off at night.

Landscape rearrangement: Burglars will study your property to make sure they know what is a good exit out of your home. Take the time to go around your property this summer and figure out what would be the easiest way to break into your house. Think like a burglar, once you identify easy access points, switch up furniture, add shrubs and greenery to places like windows or gates.

Watch your Social Media Activity: You may be excited to express where you are going on vacation but keep from posting too many details. Do not post on social media the exact dates and who will all be going. A picture here and there is okay to post, but just be careful who can see the picture. Make sure your social media profiles are set to private and friends only. This way only friends and family can see where you are at on vacation. We also suggest waiting until after the vacation to share it as well.

Remote Notifications: Our services give you options to have notifications sent directly to your phone. You can set up to receive notifications about when someone steps onto your porch or backyard when a door isn’t locked (because a neighbor/family member forgot).

Mobile Buttons to fit your lifestyle: With Select Security, you can control your home right from your device. With a quick click of a button, you can turn on your sprinklers, turn on lights and even lock doors. Our newest feature is called “Scenes”. This is a simple click of a button that can set off multiple different appliances to create the scene you want. You can set up a vacation scene that will simultaneously turn on/off different lights or AC/Heating units.

Most importantly before you go on vacation is to make sure you stashed away valuables. If you are planning a vacation and aren’t sure if your house is protected, call us for a free security review! 877-877-0345.

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