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Celebrating Women & Security

March 7th, 2018

Women are powerful, smart and strong.

Today and every day, we are celebrating women and all the women who work here at Select Security. Today, we are giving you a firsthand look at some of the women who have shaped their career at Select Security and in the industry:


Michele SerlucoMichele Serluco

Michele Serluco is the current Information Support Training Manager in the Operations Department. She leads a team of three and is the right-hand person to the Vice President of Operations, Bob Grove. Michele is smart and innovative in ways that we teach our technicians on how to use our vendor products. Michele works hard and finds enjoyment in learning new vendor products and the training that goes with it. In 2017 she was awarded our “Mad Scientist Award” she was willing to put forward ideas and solutions which were seen as initially too crazy for anyone to try. Through her hard work, it resulted in a successful outcome and significant impact on our operations team.




Q: What makes you proud to be in the Security Industry?

A: “Being part of an industry that gives people the sense of feeling “Safe”.  Whether in their own home, place of business, or even school.  Secondary, being a part of an industry that continues to evolve with technology.  I would love to work on a computer someday like IRON Man does in the movies”

Q: Why do you think women should apply to be in the industry?

A: “If you are a quick learner, self-motivated, a people person and organized, there is no stopping what you could contribute to this industry.  Some of us have no idea what we are going to do in our career and sometimes shy away from the opportunity.

Q: What makes you proud to be in your position?

 A: “That I was given the chance to show what I am capable of (even though I am a woman) and gaining the respect after. In this line of work, you either get it or you don’t.  Some things you just cannot teach.  Caring is one of them. Caring brought out the confidence that I needed to learn more and get better at what I do.”  




Susan GalliherSusan Galliher

Susan Galliher is our most recent employee that came from an acquisition. She is based in our Roanoke branch office. She is a Technician, which she is the only female Technician in the company. Susan is kind and caring when it comes to installing our security system. Susan uses a “motherly” instinct in guiding and providing a security system to keep our customers safe in any situation.






Q: “Who is your female role model”

A: “All the women who work hard everyday—I look up and admire all of us!”

Q: Why do you think women should apply to be in the industry?”

A: “I feel women have bigger vision of what they want in safety for their families and their homes.  We tend to be “mother hens” as the old saying goes. This wonderful characteristic allows us to try to put ourselves in our customers shoes.  Look at each one as our own family, protect them.”

Q: What makes you proud to be in a male dominant position?

A: I am extremely proud to be able work in this field.  There is no greater feeling of meeting a new customer and one of the first things they say “Are you going to put this in? Or Are you able to fix this?  I don’t believe I have ever seen a women installer, or technician before. Are you sure you know how?” And saying with confidence, “Yes, I am.”  And I do. 

You get a mix, most are shocked and impressed, but some just can’t believe a woman knows how to use the tools, pull wire, climb ladders, etc.  It makes me very proud to be able to surprise people this way.  Build their trust in me, in our company.


MeganMegan Miller

Megan Miller is our current IT Support Specialist. Megan went to Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology and has a degree in Applied Science in Computer and Network Systems Administration.  Megan spends her days at Select Security fixing computer and network problems but also setting new computers up for the new branches we open and through acquisitions. Megan is always someone we can count on.






Q: What brought you to Select Security?

A: “Stevens has a career fair for their students every year and Select Security was one of the companies that was there hiring for my major. I gave them my resume and had an interview later that month. What made me decide to go with Select was the opportunity for growth in my field of study.”

Q: What makes you proud to be in the security industry?

A: “I am proud to be working in the security industry because even though I don’t deal directly with our customers, I know that my job plays a part in their safety and security.”

Q: Who is your female Role Model?

A: “My female role model is my mentor from college, Susan Ammons. She works as an engineer in a male dominated industry. She inspired me through college to keep pushing towards my goals and be successful in my career.”




Sara Raymond

Sara Raymond is Select Security’s Recruiting Specialist. She is the one who oversees hiring these women and the rest of the employees! Sara works hard between different social networks to find, screen and hire the right candidates to fit our open positions. Sara received this year’s President’s Club “All-star” team award.





Q: What brought you to Select Security?

A: I relocated to the Lancaster area a little over two years ago. I was ready to work for a reputable and locally-owned company and I was successful in finding that company, Select Security. From reviewing the company’s website and interviewing with employees who had a passion for the industry, I know it was the right fit. I was excited to take the leap and start a career in a new company and industry that were both experiencing a lot of growth.

Q: What would you tell someone to encourage them to apply in the security industry?

A: “I always start off my interviews by giving a background on Select Security, growth in the industry, and a position overview. I hope to engage and get candidates excited right from the beginning. I think the most important thing is I hope that my passion and energy comes out in interviews and candidates feel it is genuine.”  

Q: Why do you think more women should apply to be in the industry?

A: “I believe women have a lot to offer in this industry. There is really no limit for what women can do. In society, women tend to be the nurturers and the ones who want to make sure their loved ones are safe. As a woman in this industry, you really do have a voice and your natural instincts for safety and security can be displayed in everything you do.”

Q: What makes you proud to be in the security industry?

A: I am proud to be in the security industry because no matter what role you work in, you are contributing to life safety. There is a sense of fulfillment that comes from working in the industry, even if you are not in the front lines, working with our customers. I am also proud because of the evolving technology that continues to meet our societal needs.


These women have made an impact at Select Security. Women are capable of any job and should feel empowered and encouraged to be in this Industry. We are currently hiring many positions and if you would like to learn more or receive more information on how you can build your career with Select Security click here.

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