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Home Security
Systems 101

What goes into a Select Security system? Read below to learn more about the various options offered by Select Security that are popular with our residential customers.

Home Security<br>Systems 101

The parts of a home security system

Have you ever wondered what goes into a home security system? Below are a few of the common parts and terms to help you understand what is helping to protect your home and loved ones.

The Keypad

The keypad is the heart and brains of your Select Security system, which is why we are proud to offer the smartest and most user friendly systems. Gone are the days of push button monstrosities taking up valuable wall space. From your beautiful color touch screen, you can control your system, create automation profiles and even check the weather forecast!

Door and Window sensors

One of the keys to a well designed security system is making sure all of your points of entry are being watched for unwanted activity. Our discreet door and window sensors are wireless, and take only minutes to install, yet provide years of protection. Our team of professionals can help you determine where your essential protection points are, making sure your Select Security system works effectively, giving you peace of mind.

Motion Detectors

As the name implies, a motion detector is a small device that uses infrared sensors to look for movement in areas with multiple entry points, common areas, or paths between rooms (like hallways and stairways). Our motion detectors can be set to ignore pets that weigh up to 70 pounds, so now those with small to midsize animals can enjoy the coverage provided by motion detectors without having to lock their pets away during the day.

Key Fobs

Rather than rushing to your keypad to disarm your system, we can provide you with a small key fob that can arm and disarm your system from the safety of your car. Our discreet key fobs also have a panic button, for situations when help is needed but you can't get to your phone or keypad to call for help. Just hold the button for 3 seconds, and your call for help will be transmitted to our Central Station, where we can arrange for the help you need.

Smoke Detectors

One of the most effective and reasonably inexpensive pieces of equipment that has been proven to reduce damage, death, and injuries from fire. When integrated with your Select Security system, our monitoring center will be notified as soon as your smoke detector senses danger, even when no one is in your building, giving you and emergency crews more time to respond.

Powered by

In our never ending quest to bring the best and brightest technology for our customers, we are proud to power our interactive services systems with This secure Internet based platform gives you access to your system from anywhere. Now you can control your Select Security system from your computer, smart phone, tablet, or anywhere you can find internet access. Add and delete users, view system usage, even control of your Select Security home automation is at your fingertips with this easy to use service.

Free smartphone apps

All Select Security systems that are powered by are encouraged to take advantage of our free smart phone apps, to control your system from anywhere. Arm, and disarm your system, unlock the door for the repairman, adjust your thermostat, even look at your powered video cameras to see how your pets are doing during the workday.

Home automation

Recent technological advances have made home automation more affordable than ever, bringing these convenient and cost saving options within the reach of all homeowners. Our new home security systems have the technology needed to operate a home automation network built in for seamless integration. Imagine being able to have your home work around your schedule, adjusting your thermostat automatically when you are not home (saving you money on energy costs), making sure your small appliances are turned off on schedule, and making sure your doors are locked and your garage door is closed when you've left for work. Home automation is not only a great idea, but can be surprisingly affordable.

Backed up with the power of Select Security

All systems and services provided by us come with complimentary access to our team of professionals whose job is to make sure your new Select Security system is working effectively. Our Customer Care Department utilizes their deep security systems knowledge, and the latest technology, to proactively identify and solve problems, making sure our customers are always satisfied with us. Our corporate training manager is constantly developing extensive cross training programs, arming our team members with the ability to help our customers with a wide variety of questions and issues.

Watched over from trio of monitoring centers

The majority of career burglars admit that a home security system will stop them from attempting to break into your home. The reason they hesitate is they know your Select Security system is being monitored around the clock from our trio of secure monitoring centers. From these secure centers, our highly trained staff is ready to assist you in an emergency.

Our centers are certified by both Underwriters Laboratories (UL), and Factory Mutual (FM), and we've earned the coveted 5-Diamond designation from the Central Station Alarm Association, all of which means we adhere to the highest industry standards for reliability and operations, ensuring you premium service.

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