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Imagine the convenience of your home working for you

The next generation of home integration is here today, with our all-in-one home automation and security packages. Using your Select Security home system, we can integrate your lights, small appliances, temperature control, even your doors into the security system control panel. Have you ever left for work and wondered if your lights were still on wasting electricity? Or perhaps you would like having the ability to lock and unlock your front door and garage door.

Home Automation allows you to put your home and security system to work for you. Included in our service is the ability to create 'scenes', or operational profiles, directly from your control panel or web portal. So, for example, every morning when you arm your security system, you could have a scene set up to automatically turn off your lights and coffeemaker, as well as lock the doors behind you.

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Light module

Our home automation system operates on a secure mesh network technology using Z-wave technology, which allows your devices to communicate with your Select Security control panel. Z-wave is the communication protocol of choice for thousands of devices, ranging from electronics controls, thermostats, even garage door openers.

Small Appliance Controller

Just like the light controller, this module was created for simple plug and play use with small appliances, such as coffee makers, curling irons, televisions, almost anything that uses a common household outlet. Accidentally leaving these appliances on all day not only wastes electricity, but is also known to cause damaging house fires. By adding control of these devices to your home automation system, you can avoid the fire risks and save money on electricity.


The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that using a programmable thermostat could save anywhere from 5% to 15% on utility costs. By integrating your thermostat into your home automation, and only using energy when you need to, your savings could be even higher. With our Z-wave thermostat, you can adjust your home's temperature on the fly using your smart phone or computer. Plus, your account includes powerful energy tracking tools that can help you understand your usage and point out areas where you could make changes for additional savings.

Door Locks

Increase the security of your home system and get rid of your keys with the addition of door locks to your home security and automation system. We are proud to offer several options from Kwikset, a recognized name in residential door locks for their reliability and effectiveness at reducing break-in from lock bumping. These locks come in a variety of looks and finishes to match the look of your home and integrate with your system using your existing Z-wave network.

Garage Door Opener

The latest addition to our home security and automation option choices, our garage door controller integrates with your home security and automation system using a wireless internet connection. Manufactured by LifeMaster, these controllers are capable of connecting any garage door manufactured since 1998 without the need to modify or replace your controller. With this option you can remotely open and close your garage door, set it up as part of your home automation scenes, even have notifications sent directly to you when you leave your home if you forget to lower the door.

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