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Home Fire
Sprinkler Systems

For years, many have relied on fire sprinklers to quickly stop fires from spreading, saving lives and reducing property losses. With our customizable and cost effective options, anyone can get the benefits of a fire sprinkler system, while maintaining the look of your home's décor.

 Home Fire<br/>Sprinkler Systems

Fighting fire early

Smoke detectors have been proven to save lives by providing advance notice of fires, but they can't stop the flames from spreading. That's one reason why more homeowners are asking for the same fire suppression sprinkler protection that is currently a necessity for many businesses, schools, hotels, and apartment buildings. A properly designed and installed sprinkler system can be highly effective at stopping flames in their tracks, minimizing the damage to your home. Plus, since fire sprinklers use less water than the hoses used by firefighters, water damage can be minimized and contained to a small area.

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Trust the experts

Because of our commitment to our customer's safety, we are proud to offer home sprinkler systems through Select Fire Protection, a division of Select Security. Our team of highly trained individuals designs, installs, inspects, and services fire sprinkler systems for businesses and homes.

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