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Increase your home protection with integrated Fire Detection services from Select Security.


Protecting your home from fires

Each year, fire departments across the U.S. are called to respond to nearly 400,000 home fires, which are the cause of thousands of deaths and injuries, and cost Americans billions of dollars. The adoption of smoke detectors has helped to reduce these numbers over the years, and more homeowners are realizing the additional power and benefit of using fire detection devices that are integrated with their monitored home security system.

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Add fire protection to your home security system

Now, even when no one is home, or occupants are incapacitated and can't call for help, our monitoring specialists know when a fire breaks out, giving the firefighters a head start in preventing unnecessary damage and injury.

Because we recognize the power of integrating these life saving devices into your Select Security home system, we don't charge you extra for monitoring. So, other than the cost of your smoke detectors, this costs you nothing above your normal monitoring fee.

Take your home fire protection to the next level

Additionally, there is rising demand for fire sprinkler systems in home, which is why we are proud to offer residential fire sprinkler installation and service from Select Fire Protection, a division of Select Security.

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