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Holiday Travel: How Should I Prepare?

Your holiday travel checklist is slowly becoming shorter as your trip is coming up. You booked your flight, hotel, and transportation but have you thought about the steps you will take to secure your home when you are gone? Many times, we wait last minute to pack luggage and rush out the door, but take a day in advance to set up your home to avoid holiday break in. Here are some tips to safely secure your home to mask that you will be away for an extended period.


  1. Grab a trusted neighbor- It is important to grab a trusted neighbor to watch your house and notify you of suspicious activity, but also do daily things to help it mask the fact you are gone.
    1. Collecting mail: When you are gone for the holidays, protect your mailbox. You might be getting more mail than usual from far away relatives. Have your neighbor collect them and hold them at their house until you come back. If you don’t have a trusted neighbor, contact your mailman or local post office to cancel your mail until you come back.
    2. Give out an itinerary of your trip to not only family members, but also to your neighbor. That way your neighbor will notice if anything seems suspicious.
  2. Don’t underestimate your lights- Set up your lights and holiday lights on a timer, not only will they brighten your space to illuminate possible burglars, it will be on a routine schedule to make it look like someone is home. This will be important if someone has been watching your house for a long time.
  3. The day before you leave, go through your home and make sure everything is locked and secured. This includes sheds, backdoors, screen doors, windows, and closets.


During Travel:

  1. Keep cash with you always- Using your credit cards and debit cards are convenient for travel but in case of emergencies always have cash on you. Sometimes things happen and the banks may not be open.
  2. Watch what you post on social media- When traveling it may be tempting to post where you are 24/7 and take pictures but be careful about posting specifics. If you are constantly posting what you are doing in another state, people will assume you aren’t home. Keep your social media posting to a limit or mix it up and post some status of being home.
  3. Lastly, have your notifications set up on your phone, through the app so you can be notified when someone is in the camera view of your front porch.



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