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Our Senior
Leadership Team

Our Senior<br /> Leadership Team

Steve Firestone, President

Throughout my career, I've been known as a leader, and an advocate for change. As the President of Select Security, I consider my role to be that of a coach, pushing the team to greater heights and achievements. I'm working to guide the company by providing a game plan, making sure we have the right athletes on the field, and that we've got the right training and practice to execute the game plan, and we know who our opponents are. I continue to encourage our team to push the envelope, setting high standards for ourselves, our organization, and maintaining the high level of customer service and satisfaction Select Security is known for.

My history with Select Security's founder, Patrick Egan, began more years ago than I wish to count. As the Chief Operating Officer at Commonwealth Security (Mr. Egan's first company) in the 1980s, I led companywide initiatives that were responsible for increasing internal efficiencies, rapidly growing sales channels, while staying focused on improving customer satisfaction levels. Following that, I held the title of Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President for the Entergy Security Corporation, which grew from zero customers to 250,000 in less that 24 months under my guidance.

I've also provided business and marketing strategies for many global brands, such as American Express, Nokia, T-Mobile, and several leading financial institutions. Additionally, I've served as the senior marketing executive at Office Depot where I developed brand strategy and marketplace positioning, alternative channel development, consumer and business customer insights and strategic vendor programs.

Rich Henry, Vice President of Sales

Robert Grove, VP of Operations

Anyone who has worked with me knows I’m passionate about two things: technology and education. I have been fortunate enough to pursue those passions in the various roles I’ve held with Select Security. I’ve also gained extensive experience in and have spoken publically about Video Management Systems (VMS), Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS), and Cloud-based Video and Managed Access. I have several years of experience in strategic vendor relationships as well as the management of our internal Tier II escalation technical support. More notably, I’m known in the industry for my knowledge in managing field operations and managing technical staff and service leadership, and I periodically contribute to industry publications.

Growth and opportunity is a common theme around here. In my 16 plus years with Select Security, I’ve experienced company growth, a rapidly changing industry, and a continually evolving career. When I started as an Installation Technician back in November 2000 with no industry experience, I didn’t foresee the path my role with Select Security would take. Fast forward 16 years and five job titles, I am now settling into my new position as Vice President of Operations.

Select Security’s #1 priority is the safety and security of the homeowners and businesses we serve and protect. Part of my focus is to ensure our employees are properly trained and are being compliant and consistent with the service they perform across the board. Being in the life safety business, we need to ensure what we are doing and how we are doing it is correct and efficient so that our customers receive the best service and an unparalleled customer experience.

Outside of work, I enjoy trading the stock options market, participating in church related activities, and learning as much as I can about history, especially early church history.

Robert Houck, Controller

With over 20 years of experience as a CPA, Robert Houck has a proven record as a financial leader with a versatile skill set. As Controller for Select Security, one of the fastest growing independent security companies in the country, Mr. Houck’s financial management skills have been essential in promoting and managing the massive acquisition growth the company has and is experiencing. His financial compliance expertise has allowed the company to capitalize on its growth momentum and has afforded opportunities for the company to compete on the national level.

With a focus on working capital, Mr. Houck’s attention to detail is necessary in aiding the leadership team in financial decision making. In addition, he has been instrumental in creating and managing the Select Security team of accountants.

Since graduating from Indian University of Pennsylvania’s accounting degree program in 1991, Mr. Houck has taken on a straight-forward approach to financial reporting that has been crucial to the progression of his career and to the company’s he serves. His membership of The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and The Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants is proof positive of Mr. Houck’s passion for success and drive for excellence.

Kip Luscian, Director of Administrative Services

What fulfills my career is being able to watch our employees grow into their own roles. I love the employee relations and development aspect of my job, especially being able to mentor my own team as well as the management team. What’s great about Select Security is that we understand the need for mentorship within the organization and use that understanding to mentor and retain great employees.

Over the past couple of years, we have placed even more of a focus on creating a company culture in line with our core values of making Select Security a Compelling Place to Work, Shop, and Invest. As a department, we have a goal of identifying ways in which we can attract, nurture, and retain engaged employees. What I have found, and what most employees find, is that Select Security is not a place to just get a job; it’s a place where professionals can grow their careers and find fulfillment in their roles within the company.

I joined the Select Security team as Director of Human Resources in March 2009, and it was the forecasted company growth that solidified my decision to accept the position. I have close to 20 years in human resources and general management experience, and I have been able to use my passion for business and the psychological aspect of organizational culture to help grow and develop the Select Security team.

The growth of a company is exciting to me. I’ve always had a desire to be part of an organization where there is constant growth and change, and if you’re familiar with the Select Security story, you know there’s no shortage of growth and change around here.

What fulfills my life outside of Select Security is spending time with my wife, son, and daughter whether it’s hanging out at home, hitting the slopes, or horseback riding at the barn.

Alex Nitterhouse, Director of Sales Operations

It’s helping people that confirms my enthusiasm for sales. With 20 years combined experience in sales and customer service management, I believe I have developed a unique managerial style that combines continued education, encouragement, and achievements to create a capable team in which the individual takes ownership of their work; strengthening the department, Select Security, and the neighborhoods we live in.

Six years ago, I was managing a Porche/Audi dealership in Philadelphia when Patrick Egan, Select Security Founder and CEO, approached me to assist the company’s expanding sales department. The industry’s progressive nature, combined with Select Security’s rapid growth, made the offer too good to resist. Serving as Director of Sales, I take pride in my ability to make our products accessible to our customers in a timely manner, maintaining a high customer satisfaction level. However, my priority is empowering my team to focus on the needs of our customers, one at a time, to strengthen our relationship with the community and be able to anticipate the needs of those we serve.

I may have moved on from the automotive industry, but my fervor for sports cars has never abandoned me and I still enjoy learning about the latest and greatest in luxury vehicles. Most of all, I am passionate about my family. Spending time with my wife and four children are the very reason I do what I do every day.

Joseph Mitton, Director of Marketing & Communications

I’m a storyteller. A professional one at that. A huge part of my role as Director of Marketing and Communications is to help tell the Select Security story and ensure we consistently tell the same message across all channels.

I can truly say I love my job. It is unusual that I don’t go home thinking how lucky I am to be here. I enjoy the people, the teamwork, the culture, and most importantly providing our customers with a valuable service that builds strong communities and protects families and their personal belongings. I also enjoy managing the marketing team and co-chairing the Strategic Vendor Committee which is creating consistency across the enterprise, stronger relationships and results, and a higher customer satisfaction and service. I’m also a proud member of the Senior Leadership Team where I help shape the people and future of the company as we continue to grow and provide our one-of-a-kind Select Security experience to new customers and new businesses in new territories.

As a marketing department, we have the responsibility of facilitating communication and helping to broadcast the Select Security story. Part of that responsibility is making sure our customers not only understand who we are as a Compelling Place to Work, Shop, and Invest, but also our key differentiators – what we do to provide a one-of-a-kind customer experience and service. We accomplish this through our social media channels, events, sponsorships, materials, sales tools, face-to-face meetings and more.
This is a second career for me. I joined Select Security in March 2011 after a decade of working in television news. I knew communications, public relations, and marketing were my true passion, so I gave up telling news stories to use my talents and skills to help Select Security tell its story. I also knew I wanted to be a part of a growing company and have the opportunity to further and expand my career and be a part of a team that provides a valuable service to its customers.

Outside of the office, I enjoy good food and checking out the many unique restaurants Lancaster County offers. I also enjoy spending time with my two children, whether it’s gardening or working on projects around the house together. They recently helped me install a host of home automation products including Z-Wave lights and smart thermostats.

Steven Roy, Director of Acquisition Integration and Technology Services

If you look at my resume, you’ll notice a common theme: security. I’ve made a career out of keeping people safe. Since 1987, I have been keeping people in the communities I help serve, safe and secure. This is my passion, and what I wake up in the morning to do every day.

After working for several different security companies throughout my career, I landed at Select Security in 2009. First as telecommunications director, then as Customer Care Manager, and now in my current role as Director of Acquisition Integration and Technology Services. Throughout my career, my focus has always remained the same: improving the customer experience. When I was Customer Care Manager, I used my years of experience and expertise to consolidate Select Security’s multiple regions into one centralized Customer Care Department, creating efficiencies for our team and ultimately a better experience for our customers. I am proud to say that we have been successful in automating systems to provide a level of customer intimacy unparalleled to any other security company. In my current position, I further use my years of industry experience to help bring newly acquired customers in the Select Security family with a focus on meeting or exceeding their expectations as their alarm service provider.

In my spare time, you can find me at the Lancaster Township Fire Department, where I serve as Assistant Fire Chief, or down in beautiful Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. I also recently completed my master’s degree in Emergency Management specializing in Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery from Millersville University of Pennsylvania. I was accepted into the Epsilon Pi Phi National Honor Society for academic excellence and received certification as an Associate Business Continuity Professional from Disaster Recovery Institute International.

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