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8 Tips To Checkout Safely On Cyber Monday

After a long weekend of Black Friday shopping, take a break, sit down on a comfy couch and enjoy shopping straight from the comfort of your own home for Cyber Monday.
Before you get too deep in your shopping cart, follow our tips to ensure you have a safe checkout:

1. Plan Ahead: When shopping online it’s easy to get distracted or end up on different websites at once. When browsing the internet, try to avoid having multiple tabs open at once. This will give your computer and software more of a chance to get hacked.

2. Secure Websites: The first thing you should be doing when preparing to buy products online is to check the website. Always make sure there are either of two things:

a) there is a lock next to the website in the browser. The lock means you are on a secure website. When it is unlocked, you are at more of a risk to potential hackers.
b) Look at the beginning of the website. If you are on a http://www. website, this is an unsecured address. If it is a https://www. this means it is secured.

3. Side Advertisements: Now with social media, websites will market ads on your banners and timelines. Be careful clicking through these. These not only could put you at a risk for potential hackers, but could bring you to a fake retail website. Make sure to double check all URLs before placing your credit card information in.

4. Use trusted Vendors: When clicking around ads and new website, always use your trusted vendors website. Sometimes fake advertisements and store will put the product you need with a very good deal. Do not go through with this. This is a way for potential credit card theft to lure you in and have you buy something. Even if it seems like an extremely good deal, avoid it before you regret it.

5. Email Advertising: Email Advertising is another scam that happens during the holidays and more so on Cyber Monday. It can be easy to fall into a scam when trying to get coupons for a vendor’s website. Avoid clicking around random website to find a code to help you discount your shopping cart.

6. The Aftermath: Always check your bank statements after a purchase especially if you are buying online. This is a quick way to solve any credit card fraud or mis-purchases. As soon as you see something a little unusual, call your bank or credit company.

With these tips you can ensure you are having a safe shopping experience and avoid any scams or fraud.

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