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Access control is one of many layers of security for us

medical-building-employeeWith all of the medical records, pharmaceutical supplies, and expensive equipment in our building, we knew we needed to invest in a solid access control solution. Knowing we could rely on Select Security’s team to guide us through the decision making process made our choice easy.

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We were tired of changing our locks

store-employeesOur employees were constantly losing their keys, which cost us time and money, having a locksmith replace our locks and keys. The electronic access control solutions from Select Security gives us the ability to add and delete people’s access without having to change locks.

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We wanted the convenience of electronic locks…

office-building-doorBut we didn’t want the trouble of managing our many users, or hardware. That’s why we chose to go with a managed access control system from Select Security. It gives us the freedom to add and delete users quickly, without the need for costly on-site servers.

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On-site guards were costing us too much money.

Rather than deal with the costly expense of on-site guards, and the headaches that come with managing 24-hour services, we made the decision to use remote guarding from Select Security.


By replacing our guards with a network of cameras, we are able to benefit from lower costs, and added security.

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Our cameras are always on.

We rely on our video surveillance system to work, providing us with a visual record of who is in our building.


Video network health monitoring gives us a head-up notice when something goes wrong with our camera system, reducing our downtime.

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No one likes to be woken up because of a false alarm.

With managed video from Select Security, we no longer have to.


At the first sign of trouble, their video monitoring specialists are able to look into our store remotely, to see the cause of the alarm. And with their inside look, they are able to provides the police with more information, which can result in a faster response.

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My kids are always forgetting to turn off the lights.

I don’t have to worry about wasting electricity with my Select Security system.


We use the built in home automation to turn off the lights and lower the thermostat when no one is home, saving us money. It even learns our patterns, and offers additional energy saving opportunities.

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My Select SmartHome makes me look smart.

With our old security system, we would often forget to use it. Not anymore.


Our Select SmartHome system uses geolocation to remind us when we’ve left home and forgot to arm the system… or lock the front door.

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We rely on our fire sprinklers to protect our business.

facotry-foremanThe Select Fire Protection group has been there for us from the beginning.


They designed our system to work with our building and needs, making updates as we’ve grown, and test our system often to make sure it is still functioning correctly.

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One company that does it all.

school-sprinklerWe love that Select Security has a division dedicated solely to fire sprinkler systems because everything is coordinated through one company.


If we ever need our sprinkler system, we know we can count on it working properly, thanks to the team at Select Fire Protection and their regular inspections.

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We count on our fire alarm always working.

That’s why we rely on Select Security to regularly inspect and test our fire alarm system. Their customer care team knows our building and requirements, and saves us time and headaches by scheduling the  inspections around our needs.

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Code requirements can be confusing.

office-fire-alarmBut we didn’t have to worry about meeting national and local rules because our fire alarm system was designed by the engineers at Select Security.


With their experience and knowledge, it was easy to make sure our system met the requirements and worked with our needs.

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Our fire alarm protects more than our students.

school-hallwayNot only are we charged with keeping our students and employees safe, but we also act as stewards for community assets.


Our Select Security fire alarm protects the investment our community has made in making sure our school has the resources we need.

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A security system for us is a must.

medical-practiceNot only do we have sensitive medical records to protect, but also our valuable equipment and pharmaceutical stock.


Our Select Security representative worked with us to make sure all areas of our business are protected, and helped us understand risks we didn’t even know about.

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We share a building with several other companies

office-buildingWhich is why we were concerned about the constant stream of unknown people entering after hours.


Thanks to our Select Security business security system, our office is always being monitored for unwanted activity.

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Our business depends on our inventory

jewelry-storeAs you can imagine, jewelry stores like ours are hot targets for criminals, which is why a Select Security system was not only essential to our peace of mind, but also required by our insurance provider.

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We are not home often.

at-airportThis is our second home, and while we like to visit as much as we can, a lot of the time it is empty.


We chose to have a Select Security home system installed because it allows us to keep an eye on our investment from wherever we are.

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My kids are often home alone.

girl-home-alone My kids are old enough to be home alone after school and during the summer, but I still worry about them.


Our Select Security system lets me know when they leave for school, and arrive home, by sending notices directly to my cell phones.

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We were worried about crime

small-familyOur neighborhood is nice, but we still had worries.


That’s why we called Select Security, and asked about a home security system. During our free security review, we learned how to we can protect against, and prevent,  criminals from breaking into our home.

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Your Local Security Installation & Service Expert

Securing Your Home & Business 24/7

SSI-Installer-of-Year-Small-Midsize-2014--Why have so many people made us their first choice?

Our reputation as a solution provider is one reason. We are always searching out new technology, products, and services that we can leverage to our customer’s benefit. And with our ability to offer multiple service lines, combining everything from alarm & fire protection systems to state of the art remote video systems that supplement onsite security guards, our team is armed with the tools needed to solve many needs.

Or perhaps we are the first call for many because of our approach to customer service. We’ve invested in creating a technologically advanced Customer Care Department, where our dedicated team is working daily to not only solve problems, but identify and fix potential issues before they surface. All of our service vehicles are outfitted with GPS devices that allow us to map our technician’s locations and urgent customer needs to maximize our efficiency and provide faster response times.

Another benefit that our customers may not see, but certainly enjoy, is our network of redundant monitoring centers. Unlike others who outsource their monitoring services, or only have one facility, we’ve created a trio of centers that share the same technology and operating procedures. And to ensure that our monitoring specialists are always available, we’ve located our monitoring centers across the country, eliminating the risk of a regional disaster affecting our ability to assist our customers when they need us the most.

Regardless of the reason, we take our role as the solution provider for all of our customers seriously, and have great pride in our industry high level of repeat customers, which we see as validation of a job well done.

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Our Stroudsburg Office

1250 N Ninth St
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Nestled in the heart of the Poconos, our Stroudsburg office provides the entire Pocono region with reliable security and life safety solutions. Those from the area have most likely met our Account Executives at one of the many events held by the Pocono Builders Association, or the Greater Pocono Chamber of Commerce.

If you have questions about your security needs, please give us a call. We are always happy to talk about what we knows best... protecting those in the Poconos.

Which Select SmartHome Interests You?

To explore the many home security and automation convenience options available with the Select SmartHome, we’ve created an interactive smart home builder. To start, click on the SmartHome that interests you the most. But don’t worry, you can always change your mind and explore the many SmartHomes and options on the next screen.
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By answering these simple questions, we can better understand your needs

David V.
Thanks for making me feel safe while away from home. Your service technician is awesome at trouble shooting and solving a signal problem at my 100 year old home (due to the thick walls); very likely solving the same issue for others in my neighborhood with the same old homes. Thanks to the entire team for your service.
Howard C.
We already had a system in our house and the technicians had a lot of wiring to understand and change. They had to stay longer than planned but did not complain and just kept working until it was finished. They were very friendly, clean cut and informative.
Michael H.
The technician was very neat and didn't leave my house messy. He was kind and courteous. He explained everything thoroughly. We would recommend him to others. If we need him in the future, we would like him to return.
Lawrence S.
Technician was prompt, pleasant, and courteous. He was focused on getting the job done and answered some questions that I had about the operation of the system. Send him to service our account anytime!
First Baptist Church of Wilkes-Barre
We are really happy with our system. As well as the surveillance system we had installed; identified a recent burglar and aided police in his capture. Nick has been great every time he has been out to service our system. It's nice to be able to get to know and build a relationship with the person working in our church.
Northwestern REC
Select Security's new e-mail ticket tracking system is great! It sent me a picture of the technician and also told me when he was on his way. The best ticket tracking system I have seen!!!
Children’s Development Center
Select Security knows our equipment and facilities very well. Easy to work with and always ready to assist. Service techs are always eager to fix any issue very quickly and inform us of the action that was required to eliminate the problems. They’re great people and feel like family! Thanks for the wonderful service!
Valenti’s Restaurant
Everything seems to be working great. I like that you send out a picture of the person coming! As always, thanks for your immediate attention.

home-icon Solutions for Home

Home security shouldn’t be complicated.

That’s why our team is always searching out new technologies, products, and services that make home security easier for our customers to use. Our team of residential specialists walk you through our options, asking questions to find out exactly what your wants and needs are, and craft a custom solution to fit.

We were one of the first security companies to add convenience to our security systems, through our Select SmartHome system that comes with integrated home automation. By offering a system that works for you easily, and works around your lifestyle, our customers are able to enjoy their security system more than ever before.

Whether you are looking for a simple home security system, or are interested in integrating your fire protection, surveillance cameras, energy management, or home automation into your system, there is a Select Security system to fit every home and family.

Learn more about options for homes

biz-icon Solutions at Work

When maintaining a secure facility is a must-have, contact the Select Security commercial services team.

Our experts are standing by and ready to help you design a commercial grade system that fits your needs, just like they have for tens of thousands of other businesses of all sizes. Our history began with a simple alarm system for a local bowling alley, but since then we’ve grown and now offer everything from security and fire alarm systems to integrated video surveillance and access control solutions. We even have our own fire sprinkler division, which provides new system design and installation, as well as system maintenance and regular inspections to ensure everything is working as designed.

We have an on-site engineering team that takes a critical look at all of our commercial grade system designs to make sure that your system is designed to meet national and local code requirements and function properly. Our team has expertise assisting businesses of all sizes, from the small corner store to larger commercial complexes and community buildings like schools to solve their security needs, all while working within their budgets.

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