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Trick-Or-Treat Tips: How To Stay Safe This Halloween

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It’s Halloween season! Time to gather your children and friends for a fun night out collecting candy and showing off costumes. Are you prepared for the night out? Before you get too carried away with festivities, we have some tips to make sure you and your children stay safe on trick-or-treat night!

Also, before you get too carried away with the Halloween festivities make sure if there is no one watching your house make sure you set your alarm before you head out trick-or-treating. Don’t forget you can manage your system using the Select Security app, which has a host of tools direct to your mobile device.

1 – Always Cross at Intersections: When trick-or-treating, make sure to always cross at intersections and on crosswalks. Children will want to dart across the street to get to the next house for candy. If you are in a busy area make a point to stop and look both ways when crossing. If you happen to be driving at this time, be aware of all sides of the streets.

2 – Put Down Electronic Devices: When trick-or-treating it may be tempting to pull out your phone to take a picture or even text neighbors to see where they are at in their outing. Avoid doing this. Not only do you get distracted but you put yourself in danger of traffic and kids running around.

3 – Choose the Right Size Costume: Watch out for longer costumes like capes and gowns. This could put your child in potential danger if it gets caught on an object or stepped on.

4 – Use Reflective Tape on Costumes: Another safety measure you can take to ensure your child is safe whether they are with you or not, is to make sure they have reflective tape on their costume. If your child is worried about it ruining their costume, try putting it on their trick-or-treat bag. This will be useful for crossing the streets at night.

5 – Plan a Safe Route: Make it a point to sit down and even walk the trick-or-treat route if this is your child’s first Halloween alone. When you make a specific path, this will help them when it gets dark to find their way home if they are in an unfamiliar area. This will also be valuable for parents so you will know where in proximity your child is at all times.

6 – Have Adult Supervision: Always remember if your child is under 12 there should be an adult with them when trick-or-treating. If you are not available, make sure a trusted person is there like an older brother or sister.



We hope everyone uses these tips to stay safe on trick-or-treating night.

Happy Halloween to all our friends and families!

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