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Scam Alert: 717-Area Code

From time to time, changes are made to the way we make phone calls. The most recent change for the Lancaster, PA region is that individuals need to start using the 717-area code to make a phone call. The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission announced earlier this year that with the dwindling supply of 717 area codes, they would begin issuing 223 area codes for new numbers in the region. With the addition of this second area code, everyone has to start using all 10 digits when making calls. This change went into effect on Saturday, August 26th. When making a phone call, make sure you dial 717 before dialing the 7-digit number you were used to dialing.

Because of the change in how you dial 717-area code phone numbers, there may be a need change to your security system panel. The vast majority of alarm panels are not affected. If we do need to make programming changes on-site to your security or fire alarm system, we will make an appointment.  We’ve heard from a few of our customers that an individual has knocked on their front door and told them that with the 717-area code change, their security system panel needed to be updated to reflect these changes. Please be advised that if an update needs to be made to your panel, you will be notified prior to our arrival and these individuals do not work for Select Security. All Select Security technicians carry company identification and wear uniforms with the Select Security logo.

We will never show up to your home/business to perform service on your security system without an appointment. And remember, you can always call our customer care team at 877-877-0345, option #3, to verify that the individual at your door does indeed work for Select Security.

Our advice to you during the 717-area code transition is to be wary of anyone who shows up at your door telling you your panel needs to be updated because of the area code change. Here at Select Security, we make sure we alert our customers as soon as we hear of any deceitful practices going on. Should someone come to your door unexpectedly and claim they work for us or claim changes to your panel need to be made, stay calm and don’t let them inside. Give us a call to verify, or call the appropriate authorities if you’re left feeling uncomfortable.

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